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Tens of Thousands of families and hundreds of local schools have chosen The Music Den for their band and orchestra rentals. We offer affordable, teacher-approved, brand-name instrument rentals delivered directly to your child's school.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We rent the best name-brand, teacher-recommended, instruments from Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Eastman, S.E. Shires, Buckun, and Jupiter.

Rent-To-Own vs. Rent-To-Rent

Many of our competitors only offer a rental-only option, which means they will continue to put out the same old instruments every year. With a rental only option, you can't purchase the instrument you're renting. We’ve never been a fan of doing business that way. All of our rentals are Rent-To-Own. While there is no obligation to purchase the instrument you’re renting, many of our renters do. Because of this, our rental inventory constantly turns over-- which means the instrument you rent will either be brand new or like-new.

100% of your rental fees are applied towards the purchase of your instrument and we offer our customers a 40% discount on their remaining balance.

For example, if your instrument lists at $1000 and you've invested $300 into the rental, we'll give you a 40% discount off the remaining $700. This would result in a purchase price of $420 + tax.

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Why a Quality Instrument Matters

Why does a quality instrument matter?

We only rent the best brand name, teacher recommended instruments. Why do teachers recommend certain brands? The short answer: Quality and Consistency. Time tested brands offer the best chance of a quality instrumental music experience for your child.

Lesser known brands are often made of inferior materials. Repairs on these cheaper instruments often cost more than the instrument itself, and sometimes they can’t be repaired at all. We want the instrument to spend more time in your child's hands than in our technician's hands.

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Maintenance & Repair Plan

Our maintenance and repair plan gives you peace of mind that your instrument is protected against unexpected and costly repairs. If needed you can rest easy knowing that a team of technicians with over 100 years of combined experience will repair your instrument.

We cover all of the accidental damage that can occur to an instrument as well as the routine maintenance that might be needed. Certain accessories like reeds and lubricants as well as the strings on violins, violas, cellos, and basses aren’t covered, but generally replacing a string or getting new bottle of valve oil is very inexpensive.

We visit each school we service every week. If your child’s instrument isn’t playing correctly, or needs some repairs, we can pick the instrument up from your child’s school and have it repaired and returned a week later.

Our Maintenance and Repair plan is one of the lowest in the industry. We believe that Maintenance should be affordable for all of our renters and so we keep the cost of the maintenance plan as low as we can. As long as you’re rental contract is current, we’ll fix up your instrument and have it back to you as soon as possible.

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