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     For over 40 years, The Music Den has been a trusted and reliable choice for families and schools when it comes to band and orchestra rentals. We offer affordable rental options from top manufacturers like Selmer, Yamaha, Eastman, Backun, Buffet, and others to give customers confidence in the quality of the instruments.
      Our Educational Resource Coordinators collaborate with each school's music department to ensure that we have all the recommended accessories the music program might need. This not only makes the rental process more convenient for families but also ensures that students have everything they need to excel in their music education.



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Why Rent From The Music Den?

We understand purchasing a musical instrument can be a bit challenging. That's why The Music Den offers a simpler and more budget-friendly option. Customers can start a rental at our discounted trial period rates before jumping into low monthly payments. We also offer a 40% discount to when you are ready to purchase your student rental.

Selecting a high-quality instrument is crucial for a student's success. Instruments that are well-built tend to endure the rigors of young players and offer a solid foundation for their long-term musical growth. At The Music Den, we exclusively rent instruments of the highest quality from the top manufacturers. This ensures that the instrument stays in the hands of the students, not undergoing constant repairs by technicians.

Inevitably, instruments need maintenance and repairs. With The Music Den's Maintenance and Repair (M&R) program, any necessary repairs are covered while you're renting. This way, students can stay on track and fully participate in their classes without any worries about instrument issues.

Repairs play a crucial role in preventing students from falling behind in their musical education. At The Music Den, our in-house technicians are dedicated to ensuring a swift turnaround for your instrument repairs. To make the process as easy as possible, we even offer pick-up and return services for instrument repairs directly to and from the school. Your convenience is our priority!

Our team of Educational Resources Coordinators work closely with the local schools to provide the exact needs they require. That means we are frequently going to the schools, accessing their needs, and addressing any issue that may arise. This allows us to tailor our programs to your child's specific teacher and school recommendations.

As students advance in their musical journey, their instrument should progress alongside them. The Music Den's step-up program is designed to ease the financial burden of upgrading to a more advanced instrument, ensuring that students can continue to grow and excel in their musical pursuits.

At The Music Den, we understand that not every student will continue their musical journey. For those with current rental instrument accounts, you have the flexibility to return the instrument at any point during the rental agreement. This allows you to conclude the agreement with no additional payments required. We value your choices and want to make your experience as convenient as possible.

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