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Rental Instrument Pricing Guide

 Trail Period Fee

Maintenance & Repair

(Trail Period)

 Trial Period Total

(Including Tax)

 Monthly Fee

(After Trail Period Ends)

 GROUP A        
5 Month  $79  $10


 $26.95 (plus M&R and tax)
10 Month  $129  $20  $158.87  
 GROUP B        
 5 Month  $129  $15  $153.54  $34.95 (plus M&R and tax)
 10 Month  $209  $25  $249.5  
 Group C        
 5 Month  $159  $20  $190.86  $44.95 (plus M&R and tax)
 10 Month  $269  $30  $318.81  
 GROUP D        
 5 Month  $458  $25  $515  $140 (plus M&R and tax)

5 & 10 Month Trial Period Fees are a one time charge.
At the end of the trail period, the rental automatically becomes a month to month rental.
We will continue to charge your card on file monthly until the instrument is returned to The Music Den or purchased.

Group A Instruments  Group B Instruments Group C Instruments Group D Instruments
 Flute  Alto Sax  Tenor Sax  Baritone Sax
 Clarinet  Cello  French Horn  Tuba
 Trumpet    Double Horn  
 Trombone    Baritone Horn  
 Percussion Kit    Oboe  
 Snare Kit    Upright Bass
 2.5 Octave Xylophone Kit      
 Combo Percussion


For more information you can view our rental agreement here:

 Rental Terms